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We are looking for PhD candidates in the area of Com

PhD Candidate / Researcher „Computational Imaging“

We are looking for PhD candidates in all areas of Computational Imaging, e.g.

  • depth estimation, computational super-resolution, 3D imaging
  • spectral and polarization imaging
  • computational microscopy
  • inverse problems in imaging, e.g. computed tomography, inverse scattering, phase retrieval
  • applications of convex optimization

For more information, please contact Prof. Ivo Ihrke.

Applications need to be handled through the university’s job portal (link).

Student Assistant / Scientific Assistent „Computational Imaging“

We are looking for research assistants in the area of Computational Imaging. You like to work with images, writing scripts and program tools and libraries ? Possibly you like tinkering with hardware as well, supporting the setup and running of experiments in an optical or radar setting ?

In this case, we would like to hear from you. Please contact Prof. Ivo Ihrke directly.

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