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John Meshreki


I completed my masters and PhD in Experimental Particle Physics with the ATLAS experiment at CERN. In the pursuit of understanding Nature at the most fundamental level I investigated properties of one of the building blocks of the universe and the heaviest elementary particle, namely, the top quark. 

After my PhD, I switched gears and started investigating a new research area which has innovative applications in Biology – bringing improvements to the quality of people’s lives – that is Computational Microscopy. During my bachelor’s I studied Chemistry as a second major – as part of a double major program of Physics and Chemistry – but I always wanted to work in or at least make a contribution to Biology. Actually to me it is very exciting to start delving into more applied research given all my study in fundamental sciences so far. 

I am currently interested in Computational Imaging and Computer Vision systems with applications in biological fields which can help for example in medical diagnosis. Particularly, I am looking into the interplay between Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics to solve problems in 3D Microscopy with the help of Deep Learning.

A little bit about myself and my work can be found on my Homepage.

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